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Ziggy 0005


Date passed: 20th August 2023

Show line black labrador KC Reg

Type of assistance dog: Autism, psychiatric, mobility, hearing, guide foundations. (Future Medical alert)

Temperament and needs match: Ziggys handler required a dog to attend university and required an exceptional range of over 30 tasks. Ziggy is a dog that will never stop trying her 'paw' in every discipline of task work. She is a who requires a lot of physical and emotional interaction from her handler and is emotionally in tune making her the ideal dog for the range of disability needs. She is fun, goofy, outgoing and very loyal to her handler.

History: Ziggy was sourced from a licensed breeder and was intended to go on as a breeding bitch for her lines, Ziggy is Frankie's full sister. Due to personal circumstances, the breeder had to discontinue breeding, and rehome her dogs. Ziggy was hip, elbow and eye scored before coming to us which was ideal for the tasks she performs (forward momentum pull, stationary counter balance). Ziggy had a normal upbringing and lived with a Shih Tzu and a rottweiler alongside her sister.

Ziggy 0005
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