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Forest 0003


Date passed: 13th February 2024

Show line black labrador KC Reg

Type of assistance dog: Guide, career changed from mobility.

Temperament and needs match: Forest's handler required a dog to attend university and have an active lifestyle around animals. Forest is a fit and energetic dog which is required for providing guide tasks and having an active lifestyle. One of Forest's greatest temperament characteristics as a guide dog is that she is bold, confident, incredibly people-neutral for guiding through crowded places and is an incredibly steady and bomb-proof dog. She is playful, energetic and easygoing with sudden changes making her an ideal prospect for a university student. As an extra to her handler, forest is also true to her name as a solid retriever. She knows multiple mobility tasks that will help her handler in certain circumstances.

History: Forest was sourced from a licensed breeder and was intended to go on as a breeding bitch for her lines, Forest is Ziggy's full sister. Due to personal circumstances, the breeder had to discontinue breeding, and rehome her dogs. Forest was hip, elbow and eye scored before coming to us which is required for her career in guide work. Forest had a normal upbringing and lived with a Shih Tzu and a rottweiler alongside her sister.

Forest 0003
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