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Fig 0004


Date passed: 25th July 2023

Chocolate working line labrador - St Johns water retriever lines Not KC Reg

Type of assistance dog: Autism

Temperament and needs match: Fig's temperament shined through during the behavioural assessment for her handler's needs. She is the most loving and cuddly labrador we personally have ever met and could even be considered a lap dog. She is very level-headed, very intelligent, mothering and emotionally in tune.

History: Fig was sourced from a registered vet nurse who was also a breeder, Fig had one litter of puppies before coming home to us and is a health-tested dog. Fig has a normal upbringing and lived with another chocolate labrador and a golden retriever. Fig's previous owner was rehoming her due to requiring a life-altering surgery in which she would not have been able to care for her dogs.

Fig 0004
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