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Meet Gus

About Gus:


Gus is a 2 year old black lab with a heart of gold. He has undergone several months of training here at Wild Spirit Canines and is now ready for his forever home as an Assistance dog in training. Gus is progressing well in public access training and will be ready to meet the public access standards within 3 months.

Gus has been taught two tasks: Deep pressure therapy and retrieval of dropped items.


His full behavioural and veterinary assessment is available on enquiry.

He is dog neutral so would happily live with another well mannered dog and is great with kids, cats & livestock.

He requires at least 1 hour of off lead exercise a day however this is easy to provide because his recall is fantastic.

Gus would be most suited to become a autism, psychatric, mobility or medical response dog.

Gus's favourites:

Activity - Swimming, gundog classes and cuddles

Food- Chicken, liver paste

Price: £4,500

If you think Gus could be the dog for you please contact us via Email.


Would you like to view this dogs report or enquire about purchase?


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