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Verstile exercise plans

At Wild Spirit Canines, we pride ourselves on providing the best and most versatile exercise plans possible. From our enclosed field to having access to national parks, swimming, beach and woodlands locations. You can be sure your dog's needs are being met to the highest standards. Please read our boarding or placement policy for information on the specifics of feeding, exercising and day to day care. Your dog will be treated and loved like a member of our own family.


Real-life training locations

Depending on your training goals, training takes place in our grass paddock, living areas such as the lounge or kitchen or out and about in local villages or cities. We believe that training should be in the most realistic environment possible. On our smallholding, we have many chickens and a group of runner ducks. We also rent 4 paddocks totalling 15 acres down the road in Pencader village where we house our two horses but regularly use for dog training.

Dog Wash

Health and Grooming

On site groomer and first aiders

We have an onsite dog groomer & grooming facility, so you can be sure your dog will be kept clean, well-groomed and hygienic whilst in our care. Our on-site behaviourist also has a background in veterinary care and is trained in first aid. Every dog staying with us must be deemed healthy (with exception to known and managed health conditions). Please see our policies for information on all aspects on what we require from your dog before their stay. 


A house fit for a dog!

Your dog is a member of the Wild Spirit Family from the moment he/she arrives. Each dog will have its own space for down time in our specific dog boarding room reserved as a sleeping space for boarding dogs. Outside of this they will be in our lovely living environment surrounded by all homely comforts. Our property is a 3 bedroom bungalow located in the beautiful countryside of Pencader South Wales.

Free Range Chicken Farm

Enrichment and sport:

Try something new

Here at Wild Spirit Canines, we appreciate the importance of enrichment in a dog's day-to-day life & provide this in many different forms. Food enrichment is given daily in the form of snuffle mats, Kong's, scatter feeding, lickimat’s, puzzle toys and more. Other forms of enrichment we offer are several types of human-based play, additional walks focused on sniffing and many diverse types of toys. If we feel your dog would benefit from a sport,introductions are available upon request; these include agility, canicross & bikejor to name a few. 

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