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Please view our important documents below: Placement policy, fully trained document, public access assessment. Our public access test and vet clearance must be re-taken each year.

Our evidence bundle:

  • Three attempts, within a month, of our public access test with our trainer. Filmed and uploaded publicly for use as training evidence. Attempts must be in one familiar area, one in an unfamiliar area, and one in an extremely high distraction area. Handlers must also pass the in- person public access test, this is not filmed.

  • Comprehensive fully trained and care handover sheet, health, welfare and safety plan, insurance evidence, all dog information, contact details for trainer if required

  • A veterinary letter stating clearance to work

  • Handler training checklist to ensure that the individual is equipped to handle their

    dog correctly and maintain the standards of training

  • Training log provided in A5 log book

  • Informal compilation of all training videos from beginning to end stages –

    approximately 25 hours

  • Video evidence and write-up of a full behavioural assessment during the month of

    public access test pass (Included in public access test document)

  • Initial behavioural assessment prior to beginning training

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