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Board and train packages


We are unfortunately not offering board and train services in 2024 unless we have discussed this with the handler and dog prior to the beginning of the year.


Please read in full our boarding policy to answer all your important questions and before emailing to request a place!

For assistance dogs, board and train is one of the three routes to qualify as a WSC assistance dog, alongside 1-1 support in person (50 hours) and placement dogs. We are not currently accepting any new applications outside of current members of Wild Spirit Dog Training CIC who are owner training their own dog.

You can find our set packages for puppies and obedience linked below. If you have specific goals, all programs are fully customizable depending on the age, breed and needs of your dog. Our consultation process is video call to help you determine the length of stay, which options are suitable based on previous training, your goals and all other factors considered such as exercise requirements. Each package has a minimum stay of two weeks. Specifics and exact quote is created after the consultation process.

Please note that our boarding facility is a smallholding home environment with multiple other dogs, if your dog has the behavioural issues listed below, we will need to discuss these in detail with you before consultation.

Board and train

Board and train

Assistance dog
Board and train

Board and train Policy and T&C'S


If your dog has a history or has any of these behavioural issues, we may not be able to board them: 


Resource guarding food or toys from humans or dogs/animals

Significant separation anxiety

Redirected frustration - mouthing humans/ragging lead

Stealing objects or excessive destructive behaviours

Fear based reactivity towards humans

Significant excitement reactivity towards dogs

Fear based reactivity towards dogs

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