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Important information:

Minimum two weeks stay.

For dogs over 14 months old. 

£1000 price per week. All stays are fully customized through the consultation process. However, see the syallbus for some examples of training we commonly provide.


For dogs with behavioral issues, these will need to be tackled before they can begin our AD programs. 

Proof of veterinary check, vaccinations, flea and wormer required.

Assistance dog syallbus: 


Task training (listed in the PDF)


Duration settle in busy environments 

Advanced heel work with a long duration and automatic check-ins 

Head down cue

Manners crossing roads, wait and release

All difficulty levels of leave it

All difficulty levels of stay

Send to bed

Coming away from distractions in recall 

Hind end awareness

Polite car and door boundary manners

Emergency stop

Basic cues at a distance

Chain behaviours

Gear shyness/confidence

Tucking under legs or small spaces

Confidence in a particular situation e.g. train journeys

Working towards criteria of the WSC public access test.


Would you like to book a board and train consultation?


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