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Laura Wild (and Summer) - Role as head trainer:

Hi there! I’m Laura Wild, qualified Canine Behaviourist holding a BSc and LV4 Advanced diploma in dog training with a significant background in positive reinforcement dog training running Wild Spirit Dog Training CIC and working in veterinary hospitals. Currently completing - Lv5 Animal and Canine behaviourist (IMDT) - obedience and assistance dog specialist. 


My journey with working with animals began in my early teens working with horses. I was diagnosed with autism early 2019 and trained Summer to aid me in completing my education and opening up our sister business Wild Spirit Dog Training CIC in 2019.


My focus with training is creating the most satisfying bond with your dog possible. Teach your dog how to understand cues and the door to communication opens! My approach is one of kindness, consistency, backed by science and positive reinforcement.


This is Summer, my beautiful assistance dog who is a five year old golden retriever. As my heart dog, she is quite literally at the heart of everything I do. Summer is trained to an extremely high level of obedience and task work. She is not quick on her feet but an outstanding teacher to other dogs. Summer has regularly worked a part time job as a ‘stooge’ dog helping our clients overcome reactivity or confidence boost young puppies. She has an excellent understanding of dog body language, is bomb-proof and a confident leader. 

Noah Hemingway (and Twiggy) - Role as trainer and main carer for boarding dogs:

Hi there! I’m Noah Hemingway, I am a dog trainer, breed specialist, dog handler & dog groomer. My dog journey started at a young age when I got my first dog Alfie the English Springer Spaniel. I spent many of my childhood years trick training him, practicing agility in the garden and walking for hours. 


I spent months volunteering at a dog rescue for dogs rescues from other countries. Whilst there I taught over 60 dogs basic-advanced obedience, introduced them to dog sports such as Canicross and helped match them to ideal forever homes. Following this, I qualified as a dog groomer and did this full time for a year running Hemingway Hounds to gain more hands on experience. I expanded my dog handling experience, became a breed Specialist and In 2020. Since early 2021, I have worked full time as a Dog Trainer for Wild Spirit. 


This is Twiggy, an energetic and intelligent 3 year old miniature poodle. Twiggy is an in training assistance dog and sports prospect learning to excel in flyball. Twiggy is confident around bigger dogs and commonly works as a ‘stooge’ dog teaching other dogs how to politely interact or recall away from small fluffy dogs. 

We have had a recent addition to our family - A curly coated retriever puppy named Ember. There are many plans intended for Ember within Wild Spirit Canines in the future, she is currently an assistance dog in training.

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